Gallery of my current work

Here I have tried to list some of my current ranges of work, together with a brief overview of the processes I use to create them:

Limestone Series

These pieces are inspired by the clints and grikes of the spectacular limestone pavements in the Yorkshire Dales. The pots are thrown on the wheel as a cylinder and shaped with the top rim and base curve. Sodium silicate is then brushed on the middle section of the body and dried with a heat gun. Then the cylinder is shaped, from the inside only, as the outside coating cannot be touched. As the body bellies out, the surface cracks. Sometimes a little Bibble takes up residence before the pot goes in the kiln! The piece is dried and biscuit fired, then the oxides are brushed on and wiped off to bring out the texture. They are then fired in an electric kiln to low stoneware temperature (1220'C).

Obvara fired pots

These pots are biscuit fired in an electric kiln. They are then fired again in a gas-fired kiln outside:

  • the obvara series are removed from the gas kiln when red-hot and dipped in a fermented yeast mixture, then quenched with water and left to drain and dry